Some people ask me why I’d like to travel around the world even if “you are a girl and it sounds like a pretty bad thing” (to them but not for me for sure).

First of all you have to be smart. It doesn’t matter how old are you and it doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a boy and if you’re young or old. The world is wonderful and locals around it are more than great. But, you have to be smart because traveling isn’t easy at all, as a solo backpacker most of all.

I love to travel alone for many reasons, and I usually meet lots of people so I’m never alone during my trips. I’ve to say traveling is the most amazing thing I’ve ever done in all my life. I’m still traveling as soon as I can and I absolutely suggest it to all my friends a bit scared about how should be everything fine when you’re from Italy and maybe you really don’t speak a pretty good English, or when you must travel cheap but you’ve never tried hostels or some free sharing experiences like Couchsurfing. I’ll write about that on my next post and I’m now ready to strictly run to the point. The big question today is: WHY travel around the world?

It sounded to me like a weird question since few months ago. I thought everyone knows why to travel: because there’s nothing better than that! Because travel opens your eyes and it will simply make you a more beautiful and kind human being. Which is really my goal because I’m traveling to find my way and to understand who I really am.

But as soon as I did my first solo trip I realized lots of my friends didn’t understand why I was so excited about travelers, tourists and locals I’ve met, experiences I shared, amazing things I’ve done and I was truly sad about it but I understood them because is true you can’t imagine how powerful is to travel around the world until you have experienced it.

I’d like you understand everything is easier than you think. As I said before, while you travel you discover who you are unexpectedly. Travelers you meet while on the road become some of the most important friends to you and it’s incredible and unbelievable at the same time. I’ve met Renae, a girl from Texas, while in Naples last summer, and I’m absolutely sure she will be at my wedding if I’ll ever get married. I call her “sister” right now and I’ve never imagined it when I met her for the first time. We discussed a lot about our different point of views about life, I still amazed by the person she is. So, these meeting give you a really open mind, and you’ll can’t wait anymore to leave from your hometown forcing yourself into refreshing perspectives on life, getting out from your comfort zone. The most amazing thing is these kinds of things all help you to improve skill sets you didn’t know you had.

The truth is while you travel your dreams already come real. If you want to travel now, you’ve probably always dreamed to. Don’t worry about anything and leave. NOW is the time to do it! You’ll meet funny travelers from all around the world, weird locals and tasty food like you never have. You will always be surprised by the magic the world has to offer and you should prove to yourself that you can make it!

I was a bit shy with my host when I arrived in Dublin on July 2014, my first solo adventure ever. But in less than a couple of hours I was completely feeling at home there too. I dreamed big and I was looking for new challenges a couple of weeks before, so I took tickets and I searched for some amazing hosts on Couchsurfing and I leaved. I lived in Dublin more than 3 weeks (and I’m using the verb “to live” because I was feeling like at home there, spending everyday like a local and not as a simply traveler or tourist) with Will and his family and I was so surprised by what they were doing for me. I was like a new daughter for them and I’m still so thankful to Will and his parents and friends, they are always always welcome to come and visit me in Milan or wherever in the world.

I already know to travel should prove to yourself you can! When I was in Naples Ryan always told me “You can do it Claudia, do it! Do it!” and I thought I would like to be like him: happy, generous, kind, smart and… brave! And I’m finally doing it! I’m everyday more sure about who I am, I’m truly surprised to say I’m not absolutely scared anymore about traveling long distances alone and I’m happy to say last summer completely changed my life.

So, you can do it! You haven’t to think “I can’t do it, it’s impossible, I’d like to travel but I can’t”. You’ve always to dream big but already stay foolish and focused on your goals and you’ll discover everything’s so close to us. Believe me!

And what about finishing a trip? It gives you many things like the satisfaction that you were able to accomplish what you set out to do. But for me, it already gives lots of “post travel depression” and you should feel lost in the big business world of humans.

No worries. Just sit down and breathe. I’m still thinking about what to do with my life and I haven’t answers at the moment but I’m sure I am the person who I am now thanks to my travels.

So, travel has also the power to give you energy to set up your next challenge wherever in the world.

Why travel? Because you can!


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