I’m back from Nice and I’m still smiling.

I’m so happy, and even if should sounds crazy, I know why I’m feeling like this: because I’m back backpacking solo – not for job and without luxury Hotels waiting for me or some fancy clothes in my bag, but just couple of t-shirts and a budget.

I knew it was such a great idea to escape from Milan again, just for few days, to spend my birthday in a new location I had never visited before but, at some point, I wasn’t that sure about it anymore. Why? Because (and yes, I found it out again) the more you stop traveling solo, the more your fears come back to you. So, when I leaved from Milano on Friday, I felt like it wasn’t anything but my first solo trip ever.

A sort of wired feeling, can’t lie, but it helped me a lot when I arrived in Nice, because I had the opportunity to face my fears once again.
In fact, I consciously didn’t prepare anything in advance for my trip. So, I didn’t check where my Hostel was, I didn’t check the city map of Nice, I didn’t research info about Nice and I didn’t surfed on the net about the city. I didn’t want to have all the details you usually need about your destination while traveling solo, because I wanted to completely run out from comfort zone, and in the highest way.

I spoke with locals and I asked help. I planned to do it since the night before my departure, when preparing my bag I started to ask myself if I really needed all that things. So, I was prepared to the unexpected and of course after few minutes in Nice I get lost. But no panic. I was totally relaxed and happy.

I met two guys from Paris, originally African. They helped me with Google Maps (I hadn’t an internet plan on my phone) and I felt so free while looking for my Hostel without a map and anything, but just walking around the city with my backpack waiting for my Hostel to showing up.
I know, I’m always traveling all around the world and every month I’m leaving for a new country or maybe for a new continent also, and that’s why I love my job so much. But, thanks to my days in Nice, I found the real me again, and I realized how much I love to travel for me, to understand who I really want to be day by day, and also how much life could be amazing if you only let yourself go.

I met so many crazy lovely people from all over the globe! On Friday night I met Aaron and his Contiki group (I will write about Contiki soon on my blog so, stay tuned!) and whoa! they were so friendly with me! I joined him and his friends and we partied all together in a small but really nice pub in the Old City of Nice (thanks again guys, and safe travels!).

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Nice by night ❤ #PodereMadonnina

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It definitely was the most incredible birthday ever, because I know I was doing the most amazing thing ever: traveling, with no plans but just the wish to meet new friends and learn new things discovering new places.

But well, Nice it’s such a beautiful place (even during the day I mean, and not only for party nights you know). Really close to Italy – 3 hours from Milano by train with THELLO – and from other capital cities in Europe.

In Nice, the weather is nice – warm, and the sun is always up and the sky’s so blue (but well, the sea was so cold – and I know it because I swam on it and I had so much fun!).

I stayed at Villa Saint Exupery Beach Hostellovely location – in the heart of the city – that I suggest you to book if you’re looking for a cheap way to visit Nice staying in one of the highest valuated Hostel there. Villa Saint Exupery Beach Hostel is located at few meters from the main Place Masséna and 5 minutes by walk to the beach and Promenade des Anglais and also thanks to its great location I had the opportunity to visit so many things even if in just 3 days.


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I will post soon about my amazing trip to Nice, and I will surely post also about what you should visit and taste if you really want to say “Hey mom, I visited Nice for real!” but, the message I want to give you right now is: PLEASE, GO.

Prepare your bag and, as soon as you have some free time, book an Hostel, found a couch or well, organize yourself as you prefer but, leave.

Sometime was difficult for my family because they didn’t understand why I always had to travel. And, “to have” because it’s a need – I really need it, I need to travel.

First time I traveled solo, I was 19 and I went to Dublin with anything planned. I found a Couchsurfer who hosted me there, and his family adopted me for almost 4 weeks. Of course my parents were so scared about it, because I was their “bae” and yes I still am but it definitely was the start of something new (for them, but also for me): the incredibly  passion for travels.

Eugenio Montale, one of my favorite italian poet, wrote an amazing poem titled “Before the trip”, “Prima del Viaggio” in italian, and l love it so much.

It talks about traveling.

“But now what my trip will become? I too carefully studied without knowing anything. Unforeseen is the only hope. But they tell me is too fool to say”.

That’s how I conceive travelling. Without this fact, travelling loses its magic.

So, don’t be scared, no panic and no bad thoughs. Everything will be fine. You just have to be brave. To decide to try new things, open your mind, and meet newpeople from all over the world, with so many stories to share – because yes, you’ll find people even if you’ll travel solo! Believe me!

When I travel solo I’m never alone. So, thank you so much Nice. I took the right choise coming visiting you for my birthday. I turned 23 and I had 2 days full of “unforeseen”, who complitely took me back to the Claudia I always would to be.


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