TOP THINGS TO DO IN NICE – And no regrets.

As you already know, I spent my birthday in Nice last week. I turned 23 in one of the most amazing city in the South of France, in the French Riviera, and I’m so happy I did.

I choose to have my birthday there because I was missing the good weather so much (you know, Milano is always pretty cold!) and the sea also. So, since it’s true that “it’s always sunny somewhere” I took the first train and in less than 4 hours I arrived close to the paradise.

I was not expecting such a great city, but Nice is really amazing and to me, it was exactely the right place where to spend my week-end!

I liked everything a lot, I fall in love with so many streets and with the Old Town of Nice too. And then… The sea and La Promenade. Really a lovely place!

In my last post I wrote about how this trip has been important to me, because it helped me a lot to find again the Claudia I always would to be. Today, I’ll explain you what you should definitely do and visit in Nice, if you really want to enjoy the city life!

Here’s my top things to do in Nice! And no regrets.



This beautiful promenade seems to go on for miles, but it’s “just” 7 km long. It’s called “La Promenade des Anglais” in French, but it’s also known as “La Prom” for english speakers and it’s the best place where to sit down and chill if you just want to look at the sea let your thoughts running wild. I did, and it was crazy. I felt so free, and I didn’t need anything but stay there for hours.

Anyone who has walked the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, has certainly noticed the blue chairs that line “La Prom” as I did, and I also discovered are one of the typical Nice things, in fact you can also find lots of blue chairs souvenirs in shops!

Running alongside the beach, there are many restaurants, shops, and bars along the way to stop into, plus a bike path for those who want to move a bit faster. It is a very clean place and really well lit at night too, so you’ll see a microcosm of Nice as you stroll along!




Place Masséna is the main central square of Nice, surrounded by the sea to the south, hills to the north, and ochre walls and green shutters. Pedestrians are everywhere here on the black and white tiled walkway, and there are cheap trams that transport everyone.

Place Massena is the largest square in the Old Town, but, also the most spectacular and the most representative of all in the historical district of the city. During the holiday season there are so many rides for children and lights everywhere.

Place Massena is absolutely a must see and it’s also one of the sites which concentrate the most stunning Neoclassical structures in the city, being bordered by buildings with impressive red facades.

I loved it a lot!


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I went there while I was hangover. Don’t know yet how, but yes I survived. It was amazing! From the Castel Hill you could easily see all of Nice, and it’s something you’ll never forget.

There are gorgeous views, and then there is Castle Hill.

In fact, this wonderful place for strolling offers a wonderful viewpoint over Baie des Angles, Old Nice and the Port, and also a super spectacular lighting at night. There are several flights of stairs and spots for pictures along the way so you could enjoy the view and take pictures and selfies in the meanwhile.

Don’t miss it!



The Old Town it’s the historic part of Nice and it gives you off a medieval vibe with narrow streets, ancient buildings with red-tile roofs, small restaurants and open markets. I loved it a lot, because of its colorful walls and streets! While there, you should wander around and enjoy the architecture, really feeling one with history!

It’s a very accessible and friendly place, and where you definetely should let your nose lead you as the smells of fresh coffee, baking bread, and fine wine are abundant.

I named this part of the city “The Old City of Dreams”.

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The Cours Saleya is one of the liveliest areas of Old Nice where flower, fruit and vegetable markets take place. It serves both tourists and locals alike and here, locals buy meat, vegetables, and fish. There is also a picturesque flower and plant market where I bought lots of souvenirs for my family and friends, and at Cours Saleya I also found soap, jam, olive oil, wine and anything I was looking for.

I used to drink my morning coffee in some of the adorable cafes that line the market and I really suggest you to do the same. From here, you’re 5 meters from the sea and it’s really a great feeling to know the seaside it’s so close to you even during breakfast!

In Cours Saleya I’ve already met an Italian old man from Naples, Fortunato. He moved to Nice 58 years ago, he opened his own restaurant and since it was my birthday he used to offer me breakfast for free every morning while there.

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