LUXEMBOURG CITY! 3 TOP THINGS TO DO – Christmas in town and much more

On first days of December I always find magic somewhere.

Every year, something really special happens. First days of December always are sparkling to me – if I think about the fact that Christmas is coming again most of all.

And Christmas has already arrived in Luxembourg too, from November 23th to be more specific.

When I visited Luxembourg city almost 3 weeks ago, the tipical wooden Christmas chalet with lots of deco and lights were open, the big Christmas Tree in the main Place D’Armes was already installed and the only thing missing was the yummy smell of cookies and Gromperekichelcher (sweet fried potatoes) everywhere.

It’s called Winterlights Festival and it is one of the most important and old Christmas Market in Europe, in Luxembourg since 100 years ago.

Do you even know who is one of the most famous Saint for Luxembourg? He’s Saint Nicolas aka Santa Claus, and in the city, they use to organize a lovely Santa Claus Christmas Parade every year…

Anyway, let me say Christmas is not everything at all, there.

Luxembourg country is not that big, but still full of places to visit and yummy receips to taste. His Tourisme Office says it’s a totally unexpected country and honestly I completely agree, because Luxembourg is really amazing. In fact, even the smallest city has hundred of things to share, and everyone should discover so much while there!

I’d never expected something like that, but to me it was really surprising to adventure my days in Luxembourg country so much.

So, let’s start from the beginning. There’s a never ending selection of things to do while there, but check out my 3 top things (plus the 4th one: some shopping at the Christmas Markets!) to do in Luxembourg when it’s winter and weather is cold!


It’s the number one place to visit in Luxembourg if you really want to say you’ve visited the country. Called Cheming de la Corniche, lots of people also know it as the best panoramic view in Europe.

In fact, the old town of Luxembourg is collocated on the top of 3 different hills: the first one named Pétrusse, the second Alzette  and the third one, also the best one ever: Chemin de la Cornice, not too far from the city center, only 10 minutes by walk.

Defintely a must see!


Yep, you didn’t read wrong! Notre Dame is not only in Paris but also in Luxembourg.

Even in Luxebourg city, Notre Dame is the most important Cathedral ever, and in my opinion it’s also the most beautiful at all. It’s in Notre Dame platz, the biggest plaza of the city, and it was built in a Gotich design in October 1594.

Finished in Autumn 1621, Notre Dame has been enlarged twice, few years ago: 1935-1938 for the first time, and then in the ’60s.

Special features? Yes it has! In fact, in the Cathedral there are lots of columns with different Hindu and Buddhist Gods painted on. Why?

Two different explanations:

  1. Gods were painted there to narrate the important missions in Asia took by the missionaries from Luxembourg
  2.  Gods were painted there to explain how the main Duchy of Luxembourg was already opened to different religions

Unfortunately, we can say the second explanation should not be that true. In fact, we already know Luxembourg didn’t accept any not-Catholic immigrant since few years ago, and that’s also the reason why there are so many Portuguese and Italian living there right now: because they always have been Catholic, and they moved to Luxembourg to work instead of German and British who already opened their country to Protestantism since 1900.



The Grand Ducal Palace  is a really amazing palace in Luxembourg City, in southern Luxembourg. It is the official residence of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, and it’s where he performs most of his duties as the head of state of the Grand Duchy.

The Grand Ducal family of Luxembourg is not that famous and it’s also really friendly! In fact, people from Luxembourg told me the Ducal family simply acts like a normal family, and is not that uncommon even to meet the Duke of Luxembourg at the supermarket. Isn’t that lovely?

The Grand Ducal Palace is something you can’t really miss!

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