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I’m finally leaving for my next backpacking adventure and I really can’t wait to tell you more. Less then 72 hours to Tuesday morning. I’ll bring jut few clothes and items with me and then, after a fast stop-over in Miami, I’ll fly to… Latin America!

Yes, I know. I’ve already told you a lot about my next trip, but it’s never enough, right? So, today I’d love to share with you some contents more like… My daily feelings since couple of weeks ago – because yes, I’m super excited to know what I’ll discover while at the opposite side of the WORLD!

As you alredy know, I’m a travel lover, I can’t survive without crazy adventures on my pocket, so I immediately said YES to Job Trippin’ when offered me this incredible opportunity to experience life and travel and remote co-working exploring amazing places around Mexico and Colombia at the same time! 

Job Trippin’ is a spanish tour operator founded by a great and young staff made of crazy people like me, with a truly passion for tourism and travels. They all are native from Latin America too, so they really are expert on it. You can discover more about them surfing here:

“We want to be inspirational transformers by developing and connecting people through travelling” – Job Trippin’ said. “This is not only a great opportunity to travel through an amazing continent, but also a chance to grow your network and boost your professional career internationally. Every destination has incredible opportunities for photographers, designers, consultants, developers, marketers and bloggers – among others – and we will provide everything you might need to do your usual job, as well as to generate new professional opportunities and further develop your skills”, they continue. 

Job Trippin’ offers a travel experience for remote professionals. Digital Nomads, you know?

I’ll leave with: Gaston Ortiz – but we’ll call him Gato – a see and surf board lover (woha!), and Santiago Boyero, called Santi – videographer originally from Argentina. I’ll discover with them amazing places in Latin and South America and since it will be my first time there, I really am full of energy and fuel.

I just want to live this new adventure with good vibes only, and I can say I am now so ready to spread my happiness and love everywhere! I’m in love, I’m totally fallen. My heart is full of emotions, and I’m so happy.

But, what about my next destinations? If you’d love to know more about it… Of course you must keep following me! Do not forget it.

Do you know what? Let’s make it fun. I’m going to interview myself for the really first time to answer some questions about how will be my experience while traveling out there. Maybe (not pretty sure about it but I give you a change) you’ll understand where exactely I’ll fly by your own. Let’s start!


Hi Claudia, I am so glad to interview you today!

Many thanks to you, Claudia. I’m ready, feel free to ask.

First question: how do you prepare for the trip? 

Well, since I’m crazy enough, I never plan anything, so this time too. I’m not going to “prepare me”, really. I’m not prepared yet. I don’t even know which temperatures or weather I’ll find there, but I’m fine. I’d love to discover everything while traveling and day per day. I’m just thinking about how incredible will be to wake up in cities I absolutely don’t know yet while there.

How do you feel about traveling through Latin America? What do you imagine about the Latin American culture, and what are you looking forward to share with local and other nomads? What can you bring to their lives?

I’m really excited to fly over there so soon. I’ve never been there before but I’ve discover a lot about them in books – even novels or something, but it counts anyway right? – or in movies and I can’t really wait to see with my own eyes if all the great beauty I think they have there is so great or maybe even better. Plus, I’m Italian. So, I think our culture would be more or less similar to their one. Not about history or something of course, but about experiences and general culture I mean. I think the Latin are really warm and outgoing as I am. I’m sure will be amazing to share some days with locals while there. I will bring there first of all my happiness, my always-on smile, my true heart and positivity.

How do you feel about sharing this trip with 3 other digital nomads? Have you travelled with a group before? 

As you surely already know, I never travel with a group. I always travel solo but – I always repeat it because I think it’s really important – I never am alone for real.
I usually travel for work but never to empty places, clear enough? Finding new friends everywhere in the world is probably one of the most amazing thing in life. So, I’m really excited to travel with 3 other digital nomads. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot about this experience. The greatest thing is we do not know each other yet. Everyone of us has a own story, I can’t wait to discover every story I’ll find during my trip.

Are you going to miss any kind of food/snacks from back home? 

I would say no but I’m not really sure about it yet. I think I’ll 100% miss the italian espresso and even the moka one. Then, maybe, pasta. But well, I’m a pretty good cook and kitchens exist even in Latin America so – why not – I could cook italian for my trip-family while there, right? Pasta or Lasagna night guys?

What are you looking forward to trying while in Latin America?

TACOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS! I’ve many friend from U.S.A and Texas most of all. All of them always spoke with me about their favorite Tacos-places but I’ve never ever tried a Taco in all my life. Could you believe me? My texan friend they don’t know how I grew up without tacos for 23 years – they find it crazy. So, TACOS TACOS TACOS. Can’t wait even to see how a Taco looks. I don’t even know it but I know it’s one of the most popular Mexican food. At least, is it right?

Which are the musts in a Tripper’s luggage? 

Well, usually I backpack solo. It means no much space, no much clothes. I really think it’s really amazing to find a way to always travel light. I think there is nothing you can’t leave at home. So, I don’t really know. There is really a “must-have” in a Tripper’s luggage? I don’t think so.

But well, in this case yes – my laptop and my cell phone. Just to keep you guys updated, of course. Even if, let me say it, one my biggest dream now is to leave for an adventure without tell anything nobody.




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