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How are you? So, here I am, back to you finally speaking about my firts leg of a travel in Latin America and of course in Mexico City to be more specific.

I’ve already told you why I’m in Latin America and with who I’m here in my latest articles on the Blog – you can read everything here! 

I’m enjoying the trip with a lovely crew thanks to Job Trippin’,  and the really funny thing is that I didn’t know anyone of my actually #NomadFamily before arriving here! Everything has been so crazy, so lovely, so unexpected since day 1 that I actually can just say I’m so happy about it and I couldn’t ask for more. 

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Incredibile ma vero: la mia fantastica esperienza di viaggio nomade con @jobtrippin è finalmente cominciata. Ve ne ho parlato per settimane e il momento tanto atteso è arrivato: eccomi qui, sul divano della mia casina a Mexico City, giorno numero 2. . Le regole del gioco erano chiare: un mese alla scoperta dell'America Latina con gente dall'anima gipsy come la mia, con la quale condividere tutto ma proprio tutto di questo viaggio senza destinazioni. Nulla di organizzato, tutto dettato dal caso ma tutto dannatamente avventuroso e bello. . Dopo oltre 28 ore di viaggio e una difficile notte caratterizzata soprattutto dal jetlag, ieri ce la siamo un po' più goduta. Siamo arrivati a sera tardi stanchissimi ma ci siamo divertiti. Non vedo l'ora di raccontarvi i dettagli di questa prima tappa: Mexico City! ❤ . Ovviamente non dimenticatevi di seguir sempre le mie IG Story per non perdervi nemmeno un secondo di questo viaggio con @jobtrippin al Sud!!! Viaggiate insieme a me!!! 🌍🌍 . . . #JobTrippin Discovery Trip, day 2. The first day has been amazing and even if I'm still really jet lagged I can't say anything else than: TACOOOOS! I finally had my first one in life and of course has been super yummy and tasty. . But let's speak about real things: my lovely totally unexpected crew! We didn't know each other before, we just met at the airport last night, we are going to live 24/7 together for a month while exploring Latin America. I'm not just feeling a lucky Digital Nomad right now, but a really Nomad literally. I couldn't ask for more. I'm sooo happy and I can't wait to tell you more about this amazing trip. I've been invited as Blogger from @jobtrippin and I'll never thank enough. . Do not forget to still updated! Watch my IG stories out! Let's travel with me 🌍🌍💘 . #PodereMadonnina |

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So I hadn’t any doubt when Job Trippin asked me to join their amazing trip as a Blogger  – I’ve been so surprised and now I’m really glad they choose me!

In Mexico City I’m living 24/7 with my new crew. Andrea Valeria is from Panama, and she’s a really good vlogger crazy for dance, food and naps.

Then there’s Dannielle, from Isle of Man, in England. She is a Life Style and Travel Blogger as me, but in a totally different way.

It’s really cool to travel together producing different contents, because everyone is different and everyone live the travel in a different way!

We also have 2 men traveling with us, Argentinian both: Gaston – but everyone call him Gato and I’ve already speak you about him on my latest article – and Santi, a videomaker not that social-addicted yet but already famous on SM since we all are posting so many videos and pics about the crew and him too on our socials!

So, in Mexico City we are actually staying in Polanco, one of most interesting, rich and and fancy part of the city. It really seems like Beverly Hills to me, and I love it so much. Full of international people working or visiting Mexico City from all around the world, and full of great pubs and restaurants where enjoy the nights out!

Mexico City is one of the biggest city in the world. Did you know it? Yes, in Mexico are actually living more than 8,8250 milions people, so it’s almost impossible to say I already know Mexico City well, but I can’t lie, I’m feeling so in love with everything around here anyway.

What about the weather? Still pretty cold in the really early morning, definitely summer after lunch time and just quite warm at night. I’m already so burned but it’s always like this to me so I’m pretty used to it, and since Mexican like chilly, they should like me a lot now, right? Just kidding, of course!



Few days ago we explored the historical city enter with some new friends from Mexico a pie  and I really liked it a lot. Zocalo is the name of this mane part of the city, it’s a big square really “mexican” and classic at the same time.

Santi, the videomaker traveling with me, said me Mexico City it’s like “a ball in the country” – he meant that Mexico City it’s a really good but international city, so should maybe be a little bit difficult to really experience the locals things here, like Milano in Italy to be honest.

Unfortunately I’m not going to spend many days in this beautiful city, so should be quite difficult to discover everything while here – but I really hope to have another change to come back later so I’ll visit all the things I will not have the opportunity to enjoy this time.

I can’t even wait to write about my latest nights out, guys! Has been so funny! The nightlife here is really cool and pretty cheap – but I’ll write about it later so I hope I will do properly.

So, that’s all for now! Have you ever been to Mexico City? Have you ever been in Mexico?




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