Finally here I am speaking about one of the most important thing about traveling: FOOD!

As you already know, I’ve never had a Taco before flying to Latin America with Job Tripppin, and as you could read on my interview with Job Trippin also, I was really excited to try Tacos for the really first time!

Of course, I did. I have eaten so many tacos I probably can’t see a taco anymore (well, don’t be ridicolous Claudia! Not at all, but at least for a week. I need a rest, you know).

Anyway, now that I could consider myself almost-an-expert Digital Nomad with a passion for tacos, I did some researches about Mexican food.

I was really curious about tacos, I wanted to know everything and I still do. So, lots of people suggested me many different things, but I had to make a personal choice.





La Tonina, Mexico City: Taco de chilorio


One of the best Taquerias in Mexico City, according to real local experts, is La Tonina. La Tonina is not a fancy restaurant and is not even located in the real city center, but still a good place where to get local eating real tacos on the way.

The cook is a woman, Genoveva, and her tortillas are made with flour and butter, filled with chilorio, a little bit of butter, ancho chili, vinegar, cilantro, garlic and oregano – plus extra white or yellow cheese if needed! What is chilorio? Chilorio is shredded beef usually cooked with butter and some vegetables too. It’s a tipical way to cook beef in Mexico and you should get used to it soon if you really want to enjoy the local food in the country – but no worries at all, it’s really tasty and yummy too! Believe me! 

The best way to eat the tortilla, is to complete the magic adding lemon and green sauce – but pay attention, the green sauce it usually spiciy, a lot.

La Tonina is located in the San Rafael neighborhood, and his chilorio tacos is really famous in the city and it’s also considered the “superheroes fighting for justice of hungover people”. Not that bad at all!




Los Cocuyos, Mexico City: Taco de suadero

This taco is different from any other else. Taco de suadero is cooked in its own sauce, fitted with suadero (brisket, to be clear), tripe, chorizo (a simple sausage, more or less) and pig’s head, everything cooked in the same pot.

In Italy we have a sort of food like this and we call it trippa – but for us the bread is missing, so it’s just a sort of soup.

Anyway, Taco de Suadero is so good! You can apparently find the best one at Loc Cocuyos, where they usually complete the taco frying the meat over the sheet of steel, to make it even more crispy than before. Also in this case, you should add some lime or lemon as you prefer, and radishes, cilantro, onion, and all the chilly you like.

This taco is a combination of soft and cripsy tastes. Local people around Tlaquepaque, where Los Cocuyos is located, said that Chef Jorge Vallejo is simply the owner of “the best restaurant in Mexico”. Should we agree?




Zacapu, Mexico City: Taco de achicalada

Zacapu is located in the neighborhood of La Lagunilla, in Mexico City. Its menu is full of different food from all over the country but the experts say that Taco de Achicalada is the tastier there.

The achicalada is nothing less then a mix of different pieces of pork, cooked in a crunchy way. The perfect combo wiht achicalada is the red spicy sauce usually served everywhere in the country.

In case you need it, you could also add an extra taco under your one. So, in case you’re going to break the first one while biting, you’re not going to miss any piece of pork at least.



La Panga del Impostor, Guadalajara: Taco de pulpo y chicharrón prensado

Unfortunately, must say, I didn’t try this one but I really wanted to and I’m sure I would love it a lot.

This taco is a combination of octopuschicharrón (pig skin deep fried and topped with gravy – we call it “gripole” in a sort of northen italian slang), crispy pork rinds, avocado, onion, cilantro, and of course a squeeze of lime.

La Panga del Impostor? Antonio de Livier is the cook, and he’s usually called the master of the “sea and land”. 




Pitiona, Oaxaca: Taco de lechón con mole de chicatanas

I didn’t try even this one, but everybody told me is so good! This taco is filled with meat like pork fat and meat intertwine. Completed with a smoky taste thanks to the salty umami mole prepared by chef José Manuel Baños’ with chicatanas (ants).

Could you believe it? I didn’t try a taco like this, but yes I did – I eat chicatanas and they really taste smoked. So wired!

Anyway, you should complete the taco with crispy pork skin and avocado, radishes, roasted onions, cilantro, and a serrano pepper slice.





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