Never have I ever… Believed in love at first sight. But then, one day, few weeks ago, love at first sight happened to me, and now I can’t be the same person anymore.

Playa del Carmen is the perfect place to me. As soon as I got there last week, I felt something… wired. I discovered later it was love at first sight. Yes, exactely. I had a crush with Playa del Carmen and actually I can say is still the place I’m missing most from the ones visited in Mexico with my amazing Job Trippin’ crew.

In fact, as you already know, the second stop of my amazing Job Trippin’ journey has been in a new part of the mexican country: Playa del Carmen. 

My #NomadFamily and I, we arrived there late at night and since we were flying from Mexico City to Cancun first, we immediately felt that everything was different there. Weather most of all – not cold at all but super warm, really wet and usually a lot rainy in this period of the year. I already experienced some similar Carribean weather once in Antigua and Barbuda last March – and as soon as I arrived in Playa I understood I was missing that  weather a lot!

We rented a car in Cancun, and after almost an hour on the road we arrived home: at Playacar, were we rented a beautiful villa ten minutes by walk from Playa del Carmen center.

First thing first: a toast to new mexican adventure ready to start! So, we immediately decided to have a walk to find some food and drinks somewhere in Playa, and then something happened again like immediately, even if I was there since a hour or less. I felt it, I had a crush, it was love at first sight.

I wasn’t exactly sure when it happened. Or even when it started. All I knew for sure was that right here and now.

So yes, I was already in love with Playa even after 60 minutes or less – and the most amazing thing is that I’ve been in love with Playa more and more and more, day after day. 

I can’t really explain it, but I can say I immediately felt myself at home.

Colorfull streets and lights everywhere, welcoming people at every corner, loud music everywhere, happy group of friends and not just tourists crossing the road, and the smell of happiness in the air. Next days I’ve discovered all the amazing things Playa has to offer. International people living in Playa, beautiful white-sand beaches, cristal water, great food, and Latin addiction to live life smiling.

So, one thing I’ve definitely learned during my stay there is – love just happens. It just does. You can’t quite explain it, but it exists, and often times the potential of falling in love with  some place [like in this case to me] happens within the first glance.

I stayed in Playa del Carmen only 5 days unfortunately, but as I continue my search for the perfect home-base, I’m so sure there is no doubt that Playa del Carmen offers just about everything I could possibly want to be happy in life. The time spent on the beach and in the water or aroud the city, or in restaurant and pubs, has so far been nothing but therapeutic.

Mexican people surely make the difference. In fact, Mexico is one of the most welcoming countries to outsiders. They are so proude to be Mexican, and you can say it. They are friendlier than anyone else, and they give you/offer you all.

To be honest, you also can be in the most beautiful palce, but if people around are not that nice with you, then it kind of ruins all for you, right?

Well, no worries at all because that is not the case here, and the warmth of the locals can certainly make a living here an incredible enjoying thing.

I’ve spoke with some friends already been in Playa more times, to discover every reaction about this magical place [to me] is so different from any else. Yes, because there is no other way to know Playa del Carmen instead – So, have you ever been to Playa del Carmen? Tell me if I’m wrong: you could love it, or hate it. No half measures, right?

Playa del Carmen – Love it or leave it.

To me, has 100% been love at first sight. Once, I’ve read this quote on a romance novel and I was thinking about it even few days ago: “Sometimes when you fall into a level of comfort with someone, you can ask yourself, “When did I fall in love with you? When did it happen?” It could have been sixth months or one year into a relationship with someone, or even the minute you met them. The idea that you can fall into love at first sight is something that should be embraced when it does happen.”

I just realized has been the same with me with Playa del Carmen. So, is love at first sight even  possible to places and not to humans only? Apparently, yes. 

“When did I fall in love with Playa del Carmen? When did it happen? It could have been sixth months or one year or even the minute I arrived there. The idea that you can fall into love at first sight is something that should be embraced when it does happen”. 

I embraced the idea of falling in love with Playa del Carmen so fast, and actually I can say I can’t wait to be back there to stay there a little bit more… And maybe even to move there for months, at some point – who knows?



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