After my latest article where I wrote I’m definitely 100% in love with Playa del Carmen and where I’ve already said I can’t wait to move there at some point of my life, many of you asked me something like… “Really?”.

Since the answer is still “Yes – never been more serious before”, here I am today explaining you a little bit more.

Why you should visit Playa del Carmen at least once in life?



Playa del Carmen, a town famed for amazing nightlife and beautiful beaches located on the Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico, is the perfect place to be – nothing less than one of the most spectacular part of the world.




Playacar is a private development started in 1979. It preserved most of the large trees and left space for a 18 hole golf course, parks and wide winding streets. With my Job Trippin’ crew I stayed there for a week and – can’t lie – has been amazing. Playacar it’s 5 minutes by walk to Playa del Carmen and it’s definitely a fancy and super beautiful development.

Playacar is divided up into two phases, one smaller and mainly residential and a second one larger with also many golf course, houses, condos, parks and shopping areas. The main entrances to both phases are on the south end of the 10th Avenue and of course to enter there you’ll have to show your id card at the security check.

Also famous for its amazing beaches, Playacar is properly regarded as one of the better beach in the area – wide and less crowded than on the beaches with more prime central locations.

In Playacar you also have Mayan ruins! Not that huge but interesting, they are open to anyone and for free. Occasionally, you can also see a wedding taking place there on the grounds!





You surely know it already, but just saying… Go to the beach! I’m sure that is probably one of the biggest reasons you choose Playa Del Carmen as a destination, right? So, let me say you have to explore all the biggest beaches there. And if you have enough time… Go even to the beaches just couple of kilometers out from Playa, or you’ll regret it!

I can recommend you 4 different beaches in Playa del Carmen. The first one is situated at north of the Cozumel Ferry Pier and at the foot of Juarez Avenue in Playa Del Carmen, with a really good access from the center of Playa Del Carmen and lots of lovely restaurants and beach bars nearby – plus a wide beach also and free zone for volleyball or soccer. Water there is amazing!

The second one? Playa Del Carmen dowtown beach, from 2nd St. – 6th St.
It’s close to a really famous beach club: the Wah Wah – and it has lots of beach beds and services. Going any further north up the beach, the beach gets small and then around 16th St. you get more seaweed.

Beach numer 3 – The one stretching north of 48h St. Not much full, it’s the perfect place to stay if you want to enjoy white sand and cristal water, plus some… Snorkeling, probably the best off the shores of Playa. No bars and restaurants close there, so if you want to spend all day there, do not forget to bring food and drinks with you!

Last one? This Playa Del Carmen beach is in front of Playacar phase 1 – where I stayed with my Job Trippin crew renting an AirB&B. Honestely, this beach is in front of a private development, but no worries at all because all beaches are public anyway. You also could have the opportunity to see some kitesurfing here on windy days. This beach is not touristic, and is so popular with local expats and people in that want to get away from the caos.

Even here, no facilities at all so come prepared. To get to this beach, from the Cozumel Ferry Pier, walk south on the beach for about 7 minutes.





In Playa del Carmen there are some really famous Eco Parks you should visit! They offer fun filled days and a unique experience and honestly you also might learn something while there. The biggest 3 are Xcaret Park,  Xel Ha Park and Xplor Park.

Xcaret Park

Here you can:

  • swim in underground rivers while exploring the park
  • see shows throughout the park during the day
  • see animals and an aquarium
  • visit an amazing bird aviary
  • discover the ancient past and visit a Mayan town and cemetery
  • stay for the grand show at the end of the night

Xel Ha Park

At the Xel Ha Park is all about swimming and snorkeling all day – whit food and drinks included!

Xplor Park

Xplor Park is probably the most adventurous one! Here you can:

  • ride one of the two zip line routes
  • paddle in boats in underground caves
  • drive jeeps in the jungle
  • swim in underground rivers



Playa del Carmen is also the perfect place to be if you really want to enjoy the nightlife! The 5th Avenue is probably one of the most crowded street in Playa, of course it’s a pedestrian one, and it runs more than 22 blocks! It’s one of the main attractions in the city – and believe me, it’s sooo incredible!

I’ve been there more nights and I really liked it a lot. You can dance all night long for free, and even in the street! Crazy but so funny and definitely really safe for everyone.

So, as soon as the sun goes down, people come out to dine and stroll the avenue. It can be very entertaining to go into shops and see what they have and if you are not into shopping you could just be sure to keep an eye out for street performers. There are impersonators and people acting as statues – so many everywhere!




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