It’s been almost 4 months that I’m back home from my Job Trippin’ adventure, but I can’t stop thinking about it. 

Why? Because it has really been the best journey of my life. I frequently speak about Job Trippin with you trough my social media channels and Instagram most of all – and it’s not that unusual to receive weird feedback from you.

“Why it has been so special for you?” and “What are your real feelings about the trip?” are two of your most frequently asked questions. So, here I am today to explain you once more time how much I felt free and “in my right place” while traveling with my #NomadFamilymy crew, my nomads.

Let’s just go step by step. First of all,


Are you a remote worker? If yes, well – this is the right adventure for you. Thanks to Job Trippin’ you could discover Latin America without puttin your carrer on hold.

Job Trippin’ brings together inspiring professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs to see Latin America as they never have before during an unforgettable journey of personal and professional growth. 

To join the Job Trippin‘ Adventure you need your own remote job, because Job Trippin’ is never going to give you a job! This must be clear!


Job Trippin’ gives you: 

  • Travel Tickets between destinations
  • Accomodation in Private Rooms
    (and in amazing villas most of all – Believe me, I know what I’m saying!)
  • Working Space with Wi-fi 24/7 
    (so you’re never going to run away from your remote job, if you need!)
  • Spanish Lessons
  • Networking
    (Nights out to network over food and beverages – pretty fun!)
  • Development
    (Interesting meetings with guestspeakers, or workshops)
  • Many Activities


Six months. Isn’t it a life dream for everyone? Well, for me it is.
Six months around Latin America, one month per city to live like a local! 

These will be the destinations in 2018:

    Starting date: JUNE 2018
    Mexico City, Mexico
    Riviera Maya, Mexico
    Cali, Colombia
    Lima, Peru
    Santiago, Chile
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Starting date: OCTOBER 2018
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Santiago, Chile
    Lima, Peru
    Cali, Colombia
    Riviera Maya, Mexico
    Mexico City, Mexico

(Departure dates are flexible! You’ll decide dates and travel lenghts together – this is the real adventure!)

But now, let me speak a little bit about the most important think of all…


I would speak for hours about it.

First of all, joining the Job Trippin’ experience has been so funny. It has been totally unexpected! Since I’m a full time Travel Reporter, I always travel solo all around the globe all year long. I like it a lot, but of course it’s different than traveling in a group with people you don’t know.

My first solo trip was when I was 16, so I know I can afford to travel solo much more than traveling in group. I’m the first who agree on saying “You never are solo when traveling solo” because I know one of the funniest thing ever is to meet solo travelers like you wherever you’re visiting. But traveling in a small group sharing the house and knowing you’re going to live together 24/7, could be complicated!

To me it wasn’t. At all. 

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L'isola di #Cozumel, a soli 30 minuti di traghetto da #PlayadelCarmen, è un piccolo gioiello tutto da esplorare. Nonostante vi approdino diverse compagnie crocieristiche internazionali e nonostante sia quindi una meta turistica molto visitata, conserva però quell'irresistibile tocco folklorostico capace di renderla affascinante come poche ✨ . Io e la mia #NomadFamily siamo capitati a Cozumel in un giorno di vento forte e mare mosso. Dovevamo fare snorkeling, perché proprio in quelle acque cristalline vive una delle barriere coralline più colorate del mondo, ma purtroppo il tempaccio ci ha costretti a rinunciare. Così, dal nulla, è nata l'idea più bella: noleggiare una piccola auto blu per girar tutta l'isola senza una precisa destinazione. . Proprio in quel giorno ho capito di amare i miei compagni di viaggio al 1000%, e sempre in quel giorno ho avuto la riconferma di ciò che in realtà ho sempre sostenuto: meno organizzi, più te la godi. Ed è proprio quando tutti i piani vanno a rotoli [il nostro snorkeling, ad esempio] che il viaggio diventa sempre e comunque più bello. ❤ . . . When I say that "Nothing is impossible" I mean this, also: having all your plans for the day ruined by the weather, but finding a way to enjoy the journey anyway. 💪❤ . So, my @jobtrippin #crew and I, we did it in Cozumel, a super lovely island 30 minutes away from Playa del Carmen by ferrie. . Since the weather was really bad, we couldn't have snorkelling as we planned, so we last-minute decided to rent a car to explore all the island and its beautiful views! . Can you believe me? Has been one of the best day ever! We had so much fun, we really visited any possible spots, we enjoyed the journey a lot. ❤ . And, again, I understood something really important to me: the less you plan, the more you enjoy! Life always knows where to collect you, and probably our day in Cozumel wouldn't be that fun without all that wind and waves. ✨ . #JobTrippin #NomadFamily #NomadLifeStyle #PodereMadonnina |

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I met Gato, Santi, Dannielle and Andrea only at the airport when arrived in our first destination, Mexico City. We immediately liked each other and yes, we also argued during the month but – you know what? We still friends right now! Crazy but true!

Second thing, second: Job Trippin’ has been the best journey of my life because I never felt that free before. I was traveling enjoying day by day. I didn’t care much about organizing the day, neither the excursions. I was simply happy, working for me, creating my own contents, sending some articles and papers to my newspaper working remotely, but most of all, I was the boss of me, and thank you very much.

This is leaving like a Freelance, this is living like a Blogger, this is living like a Digital Nomad. 

Job Trippin’ helped me understanding that this is the life I want: full time adventure all around the globe, while creating contents for myself, while growing professionally but as a person too.

Thanks to my travel gals, I understood so much about me! Gato – he’s an entrepreneur – helped me enjoying the art of business. I found so much interest on Economics Topics but I never though could be something for me before.

Andrea Valeria, she is a Vlogger. Ah ah, not a Blogger – a Vlogger with the V. She vlogs, she creates amazing videos from all around, she looks amzing in front of the camera. She teached me to believe more and more in myself. She helped me to understand the real importance of “never give up”, to ever run and fight for your dreams.

Dannielle – oh such a Fashion lover! She is from Isle of Man, United Kingdom. Thanks to her, I prooved myself that – you know, for what’s it worth, the suit doesn’t make the man. When our journey started, she was probably the most professional of all. She was pretty funny but serious at the same time. It tooked some times – like a week, not that much anyway – to know the real Dannielle, the always happy, always hungry, always funny one. I enjoyed much traveling with her too, and she’s a real pro on Travel Blogging, with her amazing contents online.

Santi – Video Maker. He teached me to stay calm. He’s probably the less irritable person I’ve ever met. He’s always peacefull and happy, except when watching football on TV. Then he becomes a super funny argentinian-slang speaker, little bit rude but still funny as duck!

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Never have I ever… Loved someone that much like you! ❤ . When few months ago @jobtrippin called me to join this Latin America adventure, I immediately thought about traveling in group. I usually travel solo and since I'm 16, so I thought living 24/7 with people I've never met before [and for such a long trip, most of all] it would be as difficult as new, for me. . But… I loved all the #JobTrippers traveling with me, since day 1 and every second more. I never felt sick about group's life, and I honestly think that if this trip has been that magic to me, it's also because I had the best partners-in-crime ever! As I've already told you, I'm not the same Claudia anymore. This journey completely changed the real me [and I'm sooo happy about it] but it wouldn't be like this without them with me! ❤ #NomadFamily . Life has unexpectedly put together 5 humans with same passion for travels, different attitudes and personalities and same gipsy heart. We haven't decided it: life decided for us, and has been such a good choose! . So, here we are: me, @danniellelilly – Travel and Lifestyle Blogger from UK, @Itsatravelod Andrea Valeria, Vlogger with the V, from Panama, Santi – argentinian videographer/boludo actually Instagramless, and @Gastonj88, co-founder of @JobTrippin, Argentinean as well, now based in Madrid. . We took this pic during our last-night-together. Few hours after, we sadly said "Goodbye" to each other and – can't lie – I cried a lot. 😭 I couldn't realize that after a month togheter I was coming back to "real life" without them with me. ❤ We already asked about each other's travel plans for next year so we could meet up again! 🌍🌍 . Now, you, guys: @danniellelilly, @Itsatravelod, @gastonj88 – You already know how much I love you but let me say it once again: thanks for everything, thanks for being the best #NomadFamily I've ever had, thanks for being so you! ❤🌍 I miss you so bad, I can't wait to see where life will bring us next, and I really can't wait to hug you again. I LOVE YOU. 🇦🇷🇵🇦🇬🇧🇮🇹 #JobTrippin #NomadLifeStyle #PodereMadonnina |

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So, Job Trippin’ has been the best journey of my life because so many reasons, but even thanks to my crew. Job Trippin’ brings you the experience you are never going to imagine you could live.

If you join the Job Trippin’ adventure, you’re 100% going to recreate a new model of you. You’re going to discover better the real you, plus “where you’re goin” as well as “who you want to be”. To me, it worked very well.

Plus, Job Trippin’ connected me to Latin America! Since we lived as locals, now I know that if I’m ever going to leave Europe, it will only be to move in Riviera Maya, Mexico. In Mexico I’ve also met Marcos, a strictly friend of mine I met in Copenhagen for the first time couple of years ago. Has been so cool to spend a night out with him and his friends after two full years apart.

The truth is, sometime we just need to stop caring. Be coragious and live.
If you are not sure about leaving with Job Trippin’, if you don’t know if you could leave or not, decide to leave. You’re never going to regret it.




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