Ieri ho scritto in Inglese un post con qualche consiglio sul cosa dover visitare a Nizza assolutamente. Stamattina, scappo dall’inverno lombardo e mi rifugio di nuovo sotto i caldi raggi di sole di una Promenade che mi manca ogni giorno di più, e che spero di rivedere presto. Ecco il mio articolo TOP THINGS TO DO IN NICE – And no regrets. tradotto in italiano per voi.

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TOP THINGS TO DO IN NICE – And no regrets.

As you already know, I spent my birthday in Nice last week. I turned 23 in one of the most amazing city in the South of France, in the French Riviera, and I’m so happy I did.

In my last post I wrote about how this trip has been important to me, because it helped me a lot to find again the Claudia I always would to be. Today, I’ll explain you what you should definitely do and visit in Nice, if you really want to enjoy the city life!

Here’s my top things to do in Nice! And no regrets.

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“But now what my trip will become? I too carefully studied without knowing anything. Unforeseen is the only hope. But they tell me is too fool to say”.

So, thank you so much Nice. I took the right choise coming visiting you for my birthday. I turned 23 and I had 2 days full of “unforeseen”, who complitely took me back to the Claudia I always would to be.

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